Why Invest?

Six Key Reasons to Invest in the North Central Canada Centre of Arts and Environment

  1. Foster Economic Development and Diversification
  • This project’s aim is to bring large-scale opportunity to this region. The rich arts community and unique environmental and geological features of the area present untapped opportunities that could add to the region’s viability and economic health.
  • It is widely acknowledged that diversification of the local economy in the Flin Flon/Creighton area would contribute to greater security for residents of the region
  • By attracting professionals and students to the area, and providing enhanced quality of life for the residents of the area, the NCCCAE would stimulate new growth, and contribute to the local economy.
  1. Enhance the Sustainability of our Communities
  • Sustainability is central to the vision of this project; the NCCCAE will only be realized if the feasibility study and related research shows that the NCCCAE will be able to sustain itself, and grow into the future.
  • Many projects are conceived to the building and opening stage, but this project will be designed with consideration to long-term goals and growth opportunities. The intent is for this organization to drive, not drain, local development.
  • The NCCCAE will be designed using a business model, incorporating extensive consultation from experts, in order to ensure that the NCCCAE will be a viable, and sustainable entity in the region.
  • This project was conceived locally by the dynamic arts community and has been evolving for several years. With a collective of local people motivated to improve their community, this project has sufficient local interest and manpower to realize the project.
  1. Build on, and Enhance, our Strengths


  • The reputation of this community as a dynamic arts centre for northern Manitoba has been proven through consistent top ratings in Culture Days festivals, sold-out musicals and theatre performances, the development of a flourishing art studio and collective, and numerous other successful projects and arts organizations including a writer’s guild, a pottery club, a quilt guild and multiple chamber choirs and local bands.
  • The strong arts & culture scene in the community is a major draw for young people and families, and a significant asset for the region. As of yet, this resource has been largely untapped in terms of economic development.


  • Students from southern universities already visit Flin Flon to study its geology; local geologists and environmental experts agree that the area holds great potential as an environmental research centre, with unique geological formations to be studied
  • As a purposefully-built community, Flin Flon & area is an ideal site for studying the built environment, a relatively new field of study that builds on the knowledge of urban planning, sociology, public health and other faculties in order to improve human-made surroundings
  • Many practitioners already recognize the match between the study of art and the environment, and the importance of developing relationships between these two faculties. The NCCCAE would offer an ideal location to do so.
  1. Position our Region as a Desirable Destination
  • The Flin Flon area has the potential to be a popular destination for tourists, and an attractive place to “put down roots”. With extensive access to nature, short commutes, a friendly and warm community culture, local sports & recreation opportunities, and a lively arts & culture scene, this is a great place to live.
  • The relative isolation of the area has been significantly reduced over the past fifty years through expansion of air transportation, improvements to roads, and greater connectivity online. The community has become more accessible to other Manitobans, Canadians and global residents.
  • As a unique and compelling institution and centre, The NCCCAE would draw visitors and residents (both temporary and permanent) to the region, while encouraging northern residents to stay in the north.
  • The benefits of the arts go far beyond entertainment: the arts open doors to creative and critical thought, while offering essential outlets for self-expression and self-knowledge. With diverse programming available for people of all ages, the NCCCAE would contribute to the quality of life for residents.
  1. Create Opportunities for Youth
  • While UCN, Northlands College and the Northern Manitoba Mining Academy offer some options for local youth who want to pursue post-secondary education, more options are needed. The NCCCAE would help fill some of these gaps, giving more local youth the opportunity to stay in the region while receiving a high-quality education.
  • This institution would offer value to youth far beyond the borders of our community: the intention is to offer excellent educational opportunities for students of the arts and the environment from across the North, Canada, and beyond.
  • As an arts centre, the NCCCAE will offer programming and experiences to help youth and children develop skills, knowledge and confidence. By giving youth the opportunity to “learn from the best”, the NCCCAE will encourage local youth to aim for excellence in all areas of their lives.
  • The state of the environment is one of the biggest issues of our time, and the young people of today will need to face these issues head-on. The NCCCAE would support local youth in developing respect for, and knowledge of both the natural and man-made world.
  1. Build a Legacy and Strengthen the North
  • North Central Canada is ready for a high-quality institute for the study of the fine arts and the environment, and the local region needs to diversify the economy in order to create a more sustainable future for our children. The NCCCAE would fulfill these needs while bringing a unique and exciting prospect to the North.
  • This project will appeal to those who have a vested interest in the North, as this facility would strengthen the longevity of existing businesses and organizations while fostering new growth and a brighter future for the region.
  • Our region needs innovative leadership to fulfill its potential. As a partner with NCCCAE, your organization will be creating a legacy in the North.

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