Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much will this cost?
The Feasibility Study will cost $90.000. Funding for this project has been made possible by The Province of Manitoba – Neighbourhoods Alive, Manitoba Local Government, Hudbay, Flin Flon Arts Council, City of Flin Flon, Town of Creighton, Village of Denare Beach, University College of the North, Flin Flon School Division, Creighton School Division, LUD of Cranberry Portage, City of Flin Flon (loan to FFAC), and fundraising.

2. Why invest in this project when the town is unsure of its future?
This will be a sustainable economic engine for north central Canada with a dynamic group of citizens who are dedicated to realizing the vision of this project. This project will attempt to support the future of the area.

3. Who is working on this and how can others get involved?
There are currently 68 people involved in the project task force & partnerships, with seven sitting as executive. The members of the task force will communicate with the general public and invite participation from the same funneled through the Flin Flon Arts Council. See Terms of Reference, Appendix D. If you wish to get involved, please contact us here.

4. Why the focus on the environment along with the arts?
This focus broadens the scope of the project to increase its feasibility. Advisors have recommended the concept and guided the creation of the terms of reference. Through this advice, environment was shown to be a natural fit and a connection to the global focus. The feasibility study will provide direction and research on this component.

5. Are you working with existing groups and organizations?
Yes. Existing collaborations are listed. The plan is to foster new connections as the project advances. See Terms of Reference, Appendix D.

6. I’m not an artist or interested in the arts. Why should I care?
The NCCCAE will enrich our communities by drawing dedicated professionals and students while stimulating economic diversification and investment in our region.

7. How much will this cost the community? How will it be sustained?
The vision for this project is to develop an academic and cultural facility that is sustainable. More detailed answers to these questions will be answered in the feasibility study.

8. Is it available to all people equally? Yes, that is the intention.

9. Who will run this centre?
The feasibility study will dictate and direct the needs of the centre as the project moves forward.
The data were collected for the measures of effective teaching study, which was funded by a $45 million grant from browse around this web-company the in the bill & melinda gates foundation.