What is the NCCCAE?
The North Central Canada Centre of Arts and Environment (NCCCAE) is a community development initiative in the Flin Flon/Creighton/Denare Beach area, on the border of Manitoba and Saskatchewan, Canada.

What are you working on?
Our volunteer executive committee is in the process of gathering funding for a comprehensive feasibility study for the NCCCAE project. We have already gained significant support from funders in the arts, industry, and education sectors who believe in the vision of this initiative.

What are the goals of this project?

1. Foster Economic Development and Diversification

2. Enhance the Sustainability of our Communities

3. Build on, and Enhance, our Strengths

4. Position our Region as a Desirable Destination

5. Create Opportunities for Youth

6. Build a Legacy and Strengthen the North

Learn more about the NCCCAE here.
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