UPDATED: MAY 7, 2015

A working budget for the feasibility study for the NCCCAE can be viewed below, or on the last page of our Terms of Reference document.
A budget for the building and operation of the NCCCAE itself will depend on the results of the feasibility study.

Potential funding sources for the Feasibility Study:

Province of Manitoba – Neighbourhoods Alive! (confirmed) $13,050
Manitoba Local Government (confirmed) $25,000
HUDBAY (confirmed) $15,000
Flin Flon Arts Council (confirmed) $5,000
City of Flin Flon (confirmed) $5,000
Town of Creighton (confirmed) $5,000
Village of Denare Beach (confirmed) $2,000
University College of the North (confirmed) $5,000
Flin Flon School Division (confirmed) $2,000
Creighton School Division (confirmed) $2,000
City of Flin Flon (loan to FFAC) (confirmed) $9,000
Fundraising (confirmed) $1,950
Total Income: $90,000

Schick Shiner & Associates (consultants) $75,000
Evolve Consulting (Manitoban Consultant) as per itemized activity sheet $11,000
Travel to Winnipeg (meet with potential partners) $950
Accommodations (2 nights) $300
Per Diem (1 person, 2 nights at $50 per day) $100
Local Expenses (Administration, Venue Rent, Hospitality) $700
Consultation with Banff Centre Administration $1,950
Total Expenses: $90,000

Architectural rendering $25,000
Artscape Mentorship $9,650
Total Phase Two Expenses: $34,650

PHASE TWO INCOME (to be determined):
Asking from the Government of Saskatchewan $34,650
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